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  •     The purpose of this site is, ultimately, to be as comprehensive as possible a resource for locating, disseminating, and facilitating cooperation of interested persons and organizations working for peace and non- violent conflict resolution in all areas of life. Resources for this purpose include peace making individuals, projects, organizations, and peace education programs .

        Forums, newsletters, and mailing lists are also available to promote  dialog. Individuals come here to find the resources they are seeking by fostering communication in and discussion of peace making topics.. These forums and list will be moderated. If you are interest in moderating or editing the forums, newsletters, lists, or sections of this web site, please contact us. 

        Visit The Peace Words Pages where a collection of stories and articles on peace making and nonviolent-conflict resolution is developing.  Peace Words is an electronic publishing site for authors with peace literature. Peace Words is also where short stories and poems are being collected for publication in a well known series (in North America, at least) of books of inspiration for individuals. Author copyrights are honored and no work will be published in any form without permission of the author.

        Resource listings with descriptions of their work and addresses, as well as links to internet sites are free (with approval of this site's editors). Anyone engaged in any  peace making activity, peace and diversity education, nonviolent-conflict resolution or similar peace making subjects, is encouraged to submit web sites of individuals, projects, organizations, and locations of other resources.  Sites with news about peace making activity are welcome also.

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